I wear a lot of hats – wife, mother, nurse – as well as photographer. I love taking photos of pretty much anything. Usually it’s because I see something unique or different and I try to capture that for others to see. Sometimes I’m successful other times not so much. Macro and Portraiture are my favorite! I love night sky photography but well—I’m not so good at it so I keep trying and keep the results to myself!

Portraits though – that I find I’m good at. And not just any portraits – because that’d be way too easy. Nope, I like taking portraits with a fun twist.Fantasy, themed, stylized – call it what you will but my specialty is offering portrait photography with a little extra. Who doesn’t like to dress up?

Add a little make believe, a little glamour, a little something extra to your portrait session for a one of a kind photo session! Maybe you have an idea of your own, or you like something we’ve done already – there are endless possibilities limited only by our imagination for your photo shoot!

How does this work?

Maybe you are rummaging thru some old clothes or items of yours, your parents or even grandparents and you see an outfit that you love. Wouldn’t it be great to get all dolled up and take some photos with it on? Or, maybe you love historical things and want to re-create a style or historical painting. Almost any idea can be turned into a special stylized fun photo shoot tailored just for you.

Do you supply the outfits?

I wish I could! But no – with almost endless possibilities it would be impossible for me to store and supply outfits. I will however work with you on your photo shoot idea and provide suggestions as to how an outfit can be put together. Whether it is re –purposing something already in your (or grandma’s) closet, thrift store /vintage clothing finds, costume rental or buying what you need there are many ways to put an outfit together for your shoot. If I happen to have an outfit from a previous shoot and it will fit I will be happy to loan it to you for the shoot.

How far do you travel?

Travel is always negotiable but generally I travel within my local region. Any travel over 50 miles (approx 1hr) will be an extra $25/h up to 2 hours. Any travel over 2 hours can be discussed.

What about hair and makeup?

I can make suggestions about hair and makeup. For an extra fee I can assist with hair styling. I don’t do makeup. Why? I’m not good at it – unless we’re going for a abstract Picasso look your makeup is better done by you or anyone but me!

Where do you take these photos?

Depending on your particular shoot – photos can be taken at an outside location or at your home.

How many photos are included in the fee?

That really depends on the session you book and how comfortable you are in front of the camera. Some people are very comfortable having pictures taken and need little direction others are less comfortable and need more direction. Generally though, you will receive a disc copy of all “good” photos. Every photo will have general editing applied. Again, depending on the session booked – several of the best photos will have special edits applied to give them a “stylized” look.

What do I mean by “good”? Since a lot of photos are taken at each session – not all of them will be worth looking at. You know the ones – you’ve got your mouth hanging open, one eye closed, etc – all photos doesn’t include those blooper type photos - unless of course I bust out laughing during editing. Then they might be included so you can laugh too!

When do I pay for the shoot?

50% paid when you book the session the remaining 50% paid the day of the session before we shoot.

Because life sometimes has a way of getting in the way of fun – should we have to reschedule a shoot the same rules apply. If however, a shoot is cancelled with no reschedule – as long as it is within 7 days all money will be refunded. If it is a last minute cancellation – 6 days or less the deposit will not be refunded. Why? Due to the extent of time required to plan a shoot it is almost impossible to schedule another shoot in place of the cancellation.

What can these types of photos be used for?

Oh anything! Just for fun because you want to, prom, graduation, senior pics, Halloween, birthday, anniversary, engagement – and the list goes on and on and on.

Are there any photos that you won’t do?

Yes! Nudes, boudoir, suggestive, porn, hate – generally anything that would make me uncomfortable as a photographer. There are photographers out there that specialize in these areas but I’m not one of them.